The Transverse Myelitis Association has been actively engaged in offering educational and support opportunities which include sponsoring camps for children and young adults affected by ADEM, NMO, ON and TM and international symposia in the field of rare neuro-immunologic disorders as continuing medical education for medical professionals. As a rare disease community, we are sensitive to the needs of bringing together people with these rare disorders and their caregivers to offer them the opportunity to share in their experiences, to help people feel less isolated, to foster social support and networking, to provide important education and to offer people hope for their futures.

The symposia and workshops offer educational opportunities to the medical community.  By bringing together physicians who have an interest in these neuro-immunologic disorders, we are also encouraging research on these conditions and we provide opportunities for practitioners to come together to share their ideas about best treatment practices and research interests.  These conferences offer individuals with the neuro-immunologic disorders, the physicians who treat them and researchers who study these disorders an opportunity to engage and socialize outside of a clinical setting.  It has been our experience that the physicians who participate in our meetings have developed a close bond and devotion to the TMA community.  For them, TM-NMO-ADEM-ON evolves from a collection of symptoms to a very human challenge that they are dedicated to understanding in the hope of improving the quality of lives of these people and their families.