Transverse Myelitis Association of South Africa

A warm welcome from the South African Transverse Myelitis (TM) Support Group!  Members of this support group consist of people in South Africa  who suffer from TM, those who care for them and their relatives. The South African -TM Support Group aims to improve the quality of life of TM sufferers and those who care for them.

We offer support and encouragement to families and individuals who have TM.
You are not alone - we are there to help you!

The support group exists to support patients with TM and to provide newcomers with:

  • New member starter packs
  • We are a point of contact for newly diagnosed TM patients
  • We keep record of contact details of all the TM members in South Africa
  • We put different TM patients in contact with one another
  • We have a great source of information for new patients with TM
  • We see to it that our members receive newsletters from the US
  • We put TM members in contact with specialised neurologists all over the world
  • We phone and visit members as often as we can and in doing so we hope to form lasting friendships with people that understand us and that we can understand them, be there for them when they need us, even if only via the net.  Remembering that for years we felt as if we where the only one in South African with TM.
  • We encourage TM members to write their stories for us so that the stories can be published in the newsletters and also by doing so, show other TM members what similar symptoms where shared, treatments received etc

If any of the South African members have information or an article for publication in the next newsletter, please don't hesitate to forward the information / article to Rachi Botha.

Please note that there is no charge for membership.

The support group leader, Rachi Botha, lead the support group without receiving any compensation. Our support group is neither a governmental organisation, nor an official charity organization. By doing what we do we merely hope to create awareness about TM within South Africa.

We hope you find our support group useful.If there is anything we can assist you with, please contact us via email.

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Articles from South Africa members:


For more information about the TM Support Group in South Africa contact:


Rachi Botha
[email protected]
South Africa

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