Member Questions and Answers from Joanne Lynn, MD: Issues of Sexuality Surrounding TM
Joanne Lynn, MD and Leslie Moore, RN, The Ohio State University

Symptomatic Therapies in Multiple Sclerosis
Teresa C. Frohman, Wanda Castro, Anjali Shah, Ardith Courtney, Jeffrey Ortstadt, Scott L. Davis, Diana Logan, Thomas Abraham, Jaspreet Abraham, Gina Remington, Katherine Treadaway, Donna Graves, John Hart, Olaf Stuve, Gary Lemack, Benjamin Greenberg and Elliot M. Frohman

While this article describes treatments for symptoms of multiple sclerosis, there are many common symptoms that are associated with ADEM, TM and NMO. These symptoms result from inflammatory attacks in the spinal cord that result in demyelination and also neuronal damage. Regardless of whether you have MS, ADEM, TM or NMO, these symptoms are going to be treated in the same way. Thus, if you have one of these disorders, the treatment information in this article is relevant for you to consider with your physicians.



Sexual Dysfunction
Wanda Castro-Borrero, MD, UT Southwestern Dallas
From 2010 Rare Neuro-immunologic Disorders Symposium

Sexual Dysfunction in Multiple Sclerosis and other Demyelinating Diseases
Bobbie Severson, ARNP, MS Center at Evergreen
From 2008 Rare Neuro-immunologic Disorders Symposium