2017 Ask the Expert Podcast Recap

In 2017, the TMA hosted 11 podcasts as part of our Ask the Expert Podcast Series. In total, 362 people attended the live broadcast of these podcasts, and the recordings on YouTube have been played more than 2,300 times!

We started the year with a podcast on “Building a multidisciplinary team for complex care after a rare neuro-immune diagnosis” with Dr. Ben Greenberg and Dr. Sara Qureshi. We then learned about “Vaccinations and rare neuro-immune disorders” with Dr. Teri Schreiner and Dr. Augusto Miravalle, and how there is still much research to be done on this topic. In March, Katherine Treadaway and Paula Hardeman joined us for a podcast on “Managing your health after a rare neuro-immune diagnosis” where we learned about having a comprehensive approach to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Next, we were joined by registered dieticians Tad Campbell and Christopher Flores for a podcast on “The role of nutrition in managing your health”, and we learned about the importance of a balanced diet, hydration, and weight management. We then hosted a series of podcasts focusing on each of the rare neuro-immune disorders in an open forum: transverse myelitis (including acute flaccid myelitis), neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder, and acute disseminated encephalomyelitis.

In August, we learned about “Gaining functional recovery through occupational therapy” from occupational therapists Rebecca Martin and Kathleen Zackowski. They explained how occupational therapy is used to teach individuals how to use “strength and endurance, but also cognition and coordination to engage in more meaningful activities” such as bathing and eating. We then learned “How to get the most out of your appointments: Physician and patient perspectives” with Dr. Ben Greenberg and Kristin Smith, an individual diagnosed with TM.

In November, we were joined by licensed social workers Sandra J. King and Katherine Treadaway for a podcast on “How to manage and cope with grief”, where we learned how grief takes many forms and can be caused by experiencing a life-changing disorder. Finally, we ended the year with a podcast on “Rheumatological conditions and ADEM, NMOSD, TM, and ON.” Dr. Julius Birnbaum and Dr. Tracey Cho spoke about how rheumatological conditions often coincide with rare neuro-immune disorders.

If you were unable to join any of the TMA Ask the Expert podcasts in 2017, they were recorded and can be found in our Resource Library here. Additionally, we have transcribed some of our podcasts, which can be found here.

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