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My Life With ADEM

It’s amazing. Things can happen to you when you don’t even know it.

Take ADEM, for instance.

It was an unexpected event. I was at my computer, typing an article for a soon-to-be published book, but when I read my words to myself, all they said was gibberish.

That event changed my life forever.

Depression and Rare Neuro-Immune Diseases: Q&A with Dr. Lana Harder and Angie Fayad

Depression is a serious medical problem that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest in activities. Studies have estimated that 6.6% of the U.S. adult population suffers from a depressive disorder, whereas about 2% of school-aged children and about 6 to 8% of adolescents in the United States have either major depression or other depressive disorders.

Thank you from the PA TMA Walk-Run-N-Roll Team

Pennsylvania’s TMA Walk-Run-N-Roll event was held on April 13, 2013 at South Park. It was a cool brisk morning with blue skies where you needed to wear extra layers- jackets, gloves and even blankets. Excitement was in the air! We were so pleased and blessed to welcome approximately 100 participants. Most were family and friends. One business, Opeka Auto Repair in McMurray, PA, joined us with five employees and donated…

A Passion for Speading the Word About Transverse Myelitis Grew from Years of Misdiagnosis

Why did I volunteer to start a TMA Walk-Run-N-Roll in Chicago? The short answer is anger. The long answer is a passion to educate and inform about transverse myelitis and related disorders.

Why anger? Because for 17 years I had a perfectly obvious transverse lesion on my spinal cord at C-5, but no one knew because no one bothered to look.

I went golfing after 3.5 Years

My name is Darlene Caterina, I’m 43 years old. On December 8th four years ago, I was paralyzed by Transverse Myelitis (TM). When I think back, it all seems like a bad dream. I was a very active, fit, fun, healthy, hyper, sweet spirited woman, so I ignored the scary symptoms that started a week before I was diagnosed with TM. The tops of my feet and back of my arms ached.

Let’s get the word out

I first learned about Transverse Myelitis and its life altering effects when my dad, Wayne Byerly, contracted the disease ten years ago this August. My story is really my dad’s story. His life story is rooted in strength, courage, and the undying hope of possibly a better tomorrow. This has always been his life theme, but has taken on an entirely new dimension, tested to its extreme, through the years of day-to day facing his opponent in Transverse Myelitis.

It’s a family thing – a Sibling’s Perspective of TM

I found myself going back in time to when I was just a kid myself. I distinctly remember being in the fourth-grade & a point my teacher was trying to make to our class. I have no idea why this memory, of all things, sticks with me so vividly. I believe it was a science lesson and she started it off by placing a relatively small dot on a very clean chalkboard. She then turned around to the class and said, “Tell me what you see.”

Vote for Reg4All – an innovative project by Genetic Alliance

Sometimes it feels like no one is ‘listening’ to you, and your experience of living with your condition is not being considered when treatments and interventions are developed. You may feel like no one understands how you are feeling or understands how your condition is affecting you. If there are no known effective treatments, those feelings of isolation are compounded.