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What You May Not Know about TM and Paraplegia…this is my story

Like every other week day, I got out of bed on December 14, 2005, and proceeded to get ready for work. While fixing my coffee at the kitchen counter, however, things began to change. All of a sudden, my feet began to tingle as if they were asleep. The sensation began to creep slowly up my legs and in a matter of only thirty minutes I was sprawled out on the dining room floor.

I am Bill Seery and I have a story to tell

On July 15th, 2011, I became paralyzed from above my chest area (that is the T4 area of the spinal column) down to my feet. Within minutes I went from being a happy and healthy person to a paraplegic that was in danger of having my breathing stop at any moment although there was never any shortness of breath or loss of consciousness.

Time – Reflections

I’ve been giving a lot of thought recently to time – or rather, our individual concepts of the passing of time. Before my first TM attack I had a very full working week . I was brought up in a household with both parents in full time employment and my mother, in particular, worked very […]