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You would think that after nearly seven years, I would have managed to absorb the fact that I need to “pace” myself every day to make sure that my energy levels don’t get used up in one fell swoop. Somehow, though, the message doesn’t seem to have got through.

Postal Glitches Impact the TMA in 2012

We want to make our members and supporters aware that for a few months in 2012, we experienced some delivery issues with our postal mail. It is unclear at this time if this is the result of post office negligence or improper activity by a person or persons. This problem was discovered early January 2013. We were contacted by members who advised us that their check donations by mail were not cashed.

The power of advocacy

My life with TM started one day in October 1989, when my dad had to take my brother and I to go pick up our mother at the mechanic shop. Over the next couple of days I was falling a lot and crawling around the house. My parents took me to a couple of different doctors since I was complaining of pain in my legs. It was believed I was simply regressing as a psychological reaction to entering kindergarten.

We Are All Equal in the Snow

It’s snowing again. This time, though, the road outside my house is passable, obviously it’s been gritted at some point. Last time I was stuck in the house for three days, as I couldn’t get out. If I didn’t have such a wonderful carer, I would have real problems. The snow lays thick on our drive, and if he hadn’t been out clearing it all away, there’s no way I could have got out when I did.

Dog Days by TMA Board Member Barbara Sattler Featured on the Arizona Daily Star

Dog Days, written by Barbara Sattler, one of the TMA Board Members, has been featured on the Arizona Daily Star! Written by a former criminal defense attorney and Superior Court Judge, the book follows Kristin’s journey through the criminal justice system from arrest through sentencing with a focus on her relationship with her lawyer and one of her cell mates.


Ruth Wood was diagnosed with TM in 2006. As of today, she will be joining The TMA Blog Team as a regular contributor. Based in the UK, Ruth will be sharing her TM experience with the TMA community. Read all about Ruth in her first post!

Q&A with Dr. Allen DeSena: Intravenous Cyclophosphamide for Transverse Myelitis

Cyclophosphamide (a.k.a. Cytoxan) is a chemotherapy that has been more traditionally used for certain forms of cancer. It actually works through one of its metabolites – it’s metabolized through the liver – to add a certain molecule to DNA. In doing this, the cells are prone to dying, and it tends to affect the immune cells preferentially, so it has an immunosuppressive effect.

First Podcast with Dr. Benjamin Greenberg and Dr. Allen DeSena

The Transverse Myelitis Association is proud to announce our collaboration with Rare Genomics Institute, for an upcoming Podcast Series, Ask the Experts. Rare Genomics Institiute (RGI) is a non-profit organization that gives families afflicted by rare genetic disorders access to genome sequencing and expert analysis. RGI helps patients with orphan diseases initiate and fund personalized research projects through a dedicated crowd-funding platform and a highly selective network of leading academic scientists.