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The 2014 TMA Family Camp Experience

The trip to Kentucky for the TMA camp in July was literally just what the doctor ordered. After a month in the hospital in May, and having to cancel Ty’s Make-a-Wish trip in early June to Hawaii due to his illness, our trip in July couldn’t come soon enough!


The biggest horror with being in hospitals and rehab has nothing to do with the physical or staffing conditions, which in my case were excellent. Rather, using the bluntest possible terms, in an institution you lose control of your life. Being an academic with a flexible schedule may have made it worse, but this would have given any normal person fits. Think about how many independent decisions you make in the course of a working day: what you have for breakfast, what kind of music

I Run Crooked

It started as most things in my life do, in the yoga studio. I was in a yoga teacher-training program, and was spending a lot of time in the wood floored studio. One day, my right foot started dragging a little bit, swooshing slightly on the floor. It started getting worse, swooshing louder and louder, and then the muscle spasms started. The nerve pain, burning and tingling and electric. I lost the ability to taste almost all foods. The ability to hold my bladder, the