Dog Days by TMA Board Member Barbara Sattler Featured on the Arizona Daily Star

Dog Days, written by Barbara Sattler, one of the TMA Board Members, has been featured on the Arizona Daily Star!

Dog Days explores relationships between mother- daughter, friends, men and women and dogs and humans. It is a time of crisis for Kristin White. Twenty-five year old Kristin is released from prison after doing time for a crime she did not commit. Kristin is involved with two men. Self-centered Josh who lets her take the rap for his drug deal, and Kelly, a good but judgmental man she meets while still on parole.

Written by a former criminal defense attorney and Superior Court Judge, the book follows Kristin’s journey through the criminal justice system from arrest through sentencing with a focus on her relationship with her lawyer and one of her cell mates.

On parole Kristin struggles to find employment. Sara, a psychic and dog communicator who owns The Dignified Dog -a dog training and day care facility-finally hires her. There she meets Samantha, a smart, sensitive black lab and Theodore, a small brown dog of mixed parentage: they help Kristin understand loyalty and compassion. With the help of Sara, her co-workers and various canines, Kristin starts to grow up and find out what matters in life. Kristin’s growth is tested when Josh is once again responsible for another horrible event in Kristin’s life.

Dog Days is available through Amazon, Kindle and other e-readers. All proceeds from the sale of this book will benefit the Transverse Myelitis Association.