First Podcast with Dr. Benjamin Greenberg and Dr. Allen DeSena

The Transverse Myelitis Association is proud to announce our collaboration with Rare Genomics Institute, for an upcoming Podcast Series, Ask the Experts. Rare Genomics Institiute (RGI) is a non-profit organization that gives families afflicted by rare genetic disorders access to genome sequencing and expert analysis. RGI helps patients with orphan diseases initiate and fund personalized research projects through a dedicated crowd-funding platform and a highly selective network of leading academic scientists and commercial institutions across the globe.

Our first Ask the Expert Podcast featuring Dr. Benjamin Greenberg and Dr. Allen DeSena from the University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas, moderated by RGI’s president, Dr. Jimmy Lin will be held on February 7, 2013 at 7 pm EST.

The podcast will begin with a 30-minute discussion of recent developments in technology applicable to rare diseases. We will feature Dr. Cathleen Lutz from The Jackson Laboratory who will discuss how mice are used in scientific research as models for developments in genomics and biotechnology. Specifically, the discussion will help us better understand how scientists develop mouse models and how they can be used to advance research for rare diseases.

This will be followed by a 60-minute discussion focused on the management of symptoms that affect individuals who have been diagnosed with the rare neuro-immunological disorders (Transverse Myelitis, Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis, Optic Neuritis and Neuromyelitis Optica) with Drs. Benjamin Greenberg and Allen DeSena. They will be available to answer your questions about treatments, symptom management and any other questions you may have about these rare neuro-immunological diseases.

Please register and submit questions prior to the call. You can also participate live via social media through twitter (submit questions to @raregenomics) or post questions on the status during the call on

If you are unable to join the live discussion, look for our downloadable version (both text and audio versions) to be available shortly after the podcast on our website.

Please RSVP to join the Podcast here.