Honor your Dad this Father’s Day

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to you for helping families of children diagnosed with a rare neuro-immune disorder attend camp by supporting our Mother’s Day campaign. We celebrated moms and raised over $2,000 during the campaign which will directly help the 30 families we look forward to greeting at the Center for Courageous Kids (CCK) this summer!

TMA Family Camp is a unique opportunity for families of children living with one of the rare neuro-immune disorders to come together to learn, find support, and enjoy the fantastic time CCK provides to our families. In past years, we have welcomed families from around the world, and this year, we hope to have another wonderful group of 30 families from across the United States and Canada. 26 have confirmed attendance thus far, and there is still room for a few more!

Camp wouldn’t be possible without the dedication of parents and caregivers. Parents play a vital role in the everyday lives of children diagnosed with these disorders. It is their love and devotion to learning about their child’s diagnosis, and providing support and advocacy for their child that makes The TMA Annual Quality of Life Camp a success every year. We celebrate these families and parents who work tirelessly to provide the best for their children.

We thank you for helping us celebrate our Moms, and now, it’s time to celebrate our Dads!

Honor your father this Father’s Day with a donation to support families attending TMA Family Camp, and we’ll send a card on your behalf, celebrating you and your father. 100% of your donation will support families of children diagnosed with rare neuro-immune disorders by giving them an opportunity to attend our Annual TMA Quality of Life Family Camp.

You can read more from the moms and dads who have experienced TMA Family Camp firsthand, and you’ll know the positive impact your donation has on the children and their families when they have an opportunity to spend a few days of their summer at CCK!

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