James T. Lubin Fellow, Dr. Allen DeSena in Cincinnati, OH

Did you know that the very first James T. Lubin Fellowship recipient, Dr. Allen DeSena, has established a neurology practice at Cincinnati Children’s and is accepting new patients, both children and adults?

Dr. DeSena trained under Dr. Benjamin Greenberg at the University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas from 2012-2014, at the TM and NMO center, and has expanded the reach of expertise in the rare neuroimmune disorders to the Great Lakes and Midwest regions of the U.S.  He is furthering the goal of the JTL Fellowship in training others, and reaching and caring for those with a rare neuroimmune disorder. For those in OH, MI, IN, PA, and KY, he’s the specialist in your backyard!

If you or your child has been living with one of the rare neuroimmune disorders, and need to be followed by a neurologist, or perhaps you are seeking another opinion from a neurologist experienced in these disorders, or you need to re-establish with a neurologist years after your diagnosis, please call Dr. DeSena.

It is important to maintain a relationship with a neurologist after an initial diagnosis or acute treatments have been administered, and even after significant recovery has been made.  Should new or worsening symptoms arise, or anything of question a year or more out from diagnosis, many practices may require that you be re-established as a new patient.  You may not need them often, but a neurologist, and particularly one trained in the rare neuroimmune disorders, should be a significant member of your healthcare team. You want them to be familiar with you and your medical history.


For pediatric appointments, call Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center at (513) 636-4222.

For adult appointments, please call the Adult Neurology Clinic of UC Health Physicians at (513) 475-8730.

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