New Information Sheet on MOG Antibody-Associated Disease

The TMA has recently added a newly coined inflammatory condition called MOG antibody-associated disease (MOG-Ab disease) to the group of rare neuroimmune disorders advocated for by our organization. By welcoming those diagnosed with MOG-Ab disease into our organization, we hope to gain a deeper knowledge of rare neuroimmune disorders and advocate for better awareness within the medical community. The TMA worked with a committed group of volunteers on a new information sheet about MOG-Ab disease.

As part of our mission to provide resources for our community, the TMA has information sheets available on our website for each of the rare neuroimmune disorders. These information sheets include a brief but comprehensive overview of each disorder, including epidemiology, signs and symptoms, diagnosis, acute treatments, prognosis and management, and long-term care. Individuals, their family members and caregivers, and medical professionals can use these information sheets to learn about each disorder. For more detailed information about rare neuroimmune disorders and symptom management strategies, there are hundreds of additional resources which can be found in our Resource Library.

To learn more about MOG antibody-associated disease, please view the new information sheet or listen to our recent Ask the Expert Podcast, “What is MOG antibody-associated disease?”, featuring Dr. Benjamin Greenberg and Dr. Michael Levy.

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