We are Hiring!

The Transverse Myelitis Association is seeking to hire a full-time Community Partnerships Manager who will be responsible for developing, engaging and managing The TMA community support network, and projects related to raising awareness and furthering education both within and outside The TMA community. Their work will significantly impact the efforts to fulfill our five-year strategic mission.

The main role of the Community Partnerships Manager is to direct and grow The TMA’s global support group network and a newer ambassador program; design, develop and implement local community based education, awareness and fundraising events and identify new partners and champions to lead and help achieve our strategic mission.

If you have a desire and ability to relate to and learn from the community of people and families affected by our rare disorders, like to travel, have education, training and experience in the field of community organizing, events management, marketing, health care and working in a non-profit environment, we encourage you to apply. Please click here to learn more about the position and apply! Please spread the word!

We are thrilled to announce that The TMA will be hiring a Community Partnerships Manager.  Support, education, networking and advocacy are core functions of our Association and are critical to what we offer to our community.  All of the staff and volunteers currently contribute to these activities on a daily basis.  If you have contacted The TMA by phone, through emails, participated in local support group meetings, attended awareness events, or any of our numerous education programs, then you are familiar with the significance of these programs.  Small organizations with limited resources require that everyone contribute to all programs; there is little opportunity to specialize.  Through the generosity and dedication of our members, you have provided us with the opportunity to fill this position.  This focus will have a very direct and positive impact on our members by making us more responsive to our community, by expanding how we are able to communicate with and help our members, and by creating a more sophisticated network of support.  This person will also develop and grow our network with other advocacy organizations, medical and rehabilitation centers and academic centers.  Through this work, we will become more effective in our advocacy for you and find ways to enrich quality of life for the people in our community by expanding services.   

We will hire the most qualified person.  It would be wonderful if this were a person from our community.  Our members most intimately understand how these disorders impact our lives and our families’ lives and they have an understanding of these rare disorders.  Our members know The TMA’s mission and programs and they would bring a fundamental and intense passion for our cause.  If the job and the qualifications match your skills, your abilities, education and experience, we hope you will apply.  The person who performs these important tasks will have the opportunity to make a transformative difference in our community.  

Sandy Siegel, President, The TMA

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